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November 28








Q1: Why you decided to join HotglueEdit

For hotglue, of course.

Q2: The turning point for you as a Hotglue member, be it a game or otherwiseEdit

The moment I became a princess.

Q3: Hotglue-wise, what has been the most fun thing over the past yearEdit

Dungeons and dragons!

Q4: MottoEdit

Do your best~♡

Q5: Favourite musical genres, musiciansEdit

I like Touhou Jazz, especially the stuff from Tokyo Active NEETS

Q6: Favourite movies/showsEdit

Bamboo Blade, Shugo Chara, and, uhm, Meduka Meguca?

Q7: Favourite 'types'Edit

Hm, Kritzinger counts as a historical figure, right? After all, he is America, and so can you.

Q8: When did you last laughEdit

Just recently when I was watching The Daily Show.

Q9: So, what is your defining fetishesEdit

I don't think I could write just three! But for the biggest ones, uhm, It would have to be futanari, shock collars, and pillory. Its embarassing, so don't laugh, okay? ;_;

Q10 Where would you like to go nowEdit

Why would I want to go anywhere? I'm happy here with hotglue.

Q11 My boom Edit

Shooters and nerdy space games.

Q12 What's your charm pointEdit

Eh? I don't think a person as boring as me could have a charm point. I try to be polite, does that count?

Q13 Someone you admireEdit

Cockslap is super cool.

Q14 A book/manga/VN that left a deep impression on youEdit

Hm, I'd have to say The Talented Mr. Ripley. I really adore that book.

Q15 What are your future plans, any messages you haveEdit

My future plans are to take it as easy as I can. Please do your best, everyone!